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Do Teen Magazines Shape the Minds of Teenagers Today?

Never underestimate the spending power of teens because the teen magazine publishers certainly do not.  Teens spend a lot of money on music, movies, and teen fashions.  The publishers of the teen magazines also know this. They also know that teens want to know about dating, sex, school, information and the latest gossip on their favorite celebrities and more.

The teen world is one where adults are often shut out.  Their world evolves around their peers and the celebrities who they hold high in their favor.  The celebrities could be actors, singers, rappers, dancers, and famous sports celebrities, anyone that has graced the media and is featured on television, radio, CDs, DVDs, Hollywood, and of course teen magazines.

The idea for teen magazines surfaced in the United States in the 1940’s. Seventeen Magazine was the first teen magazine founded in 1944.  This magazine provides helpful information on dating, sex, colleges and more.  Though the glitz and glamour is there to allure the teen girl in particular, so is the good sound parent advice disguised as new and innovate and what is hot and what is not.  It is amazing how teens often accept the same advice given by strangers that they did previously accept from their own parents.  Somehow parent advice is often time devalued. Don’t fret for this is a common occurrence and part of growing up for many teens. The good news is they grow up and come back to the good values their parent instilled within them.

In the meantime teen magazines can serve as a surrogate parent making sure they stay on the right track. Besides the fashion teen magazines, there are many great educational teen magazines for the more studious teenager. is a magazine focusing on creativity, learning about the world, different cultures, and lifestyles. gives the latest hype on fashion and gossip but also deals with college issues and general everyday issues in a teen’s complicated life.

Fast Forward Magazine focuses on kids and is written by kids.  This magazine deals with summer camp experiences and marine knowledge.

Faze Magazine covers a wide variety of teen issues, social issues, and more.

Global Express covers environmental and global issues

LA Young is a great magazine for the problems, and social issues that LA Teens must deal with on a day-to-day basis.

Libertarian Rock is a magazine for activist and social issues teaching teens how to protect their civil rights, and protest in a constructive fashion and more.

The Next Step Magazine prepares older teens for college and career searching.

Shout Out Magazine focuses on good sexual practice, body, self-esteem, and teen leadership.

Student Byline Magazine is a wonderful magazine showing the literary works of student from grades 6 – 12.

Verge Magazine is an excellent Canadian publication covering such topics as college and career choices, youth programs, cultural exchange programs, activism, and more.

For a complete listing of educational teen magazines go to open directory project you will see that teen magazines are not all about celebrities hype, fashion and gossip, they really have the opportunity to learn something as well.


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