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Discount Magazines Resources for Gifts and Savings

Although shop to you drop has become a very popular term in our North American culture today, shop to you drop can mean something different in terms of discount magazines.  For many people magazine reading has become almost an out of reach luxury with an expense that is just a little over budget.  When shopping anywhere, anytime, and anyhow, we flock toward the discount. Magazines and book shopping is no different. We need to get more value for our dollar, it just does not stretch the way it used to.

Since the decline in the magazine market, many publishers are now offering discount magazines.   You may think that the magazines are of inferior quality but they really are not.  Many of the top magazines are offering their publications at discounted prices.

If you don’t know where to start to get your discount magazines, do try the Internet.

MagazineLine is a great place to check out their selection on discount magazines. For example you can save up to 88% off the cover price of ESPN mens magazine or 78% off of Playboy.  Shopping online at places such as these makes shopping fun again.

Besides mens magazines there are womens magazines, Women’s magazines such as Cosmopolitan is offered at a 65% savings that is passed on to you.  The famous, The Economist, the London, international news magazine geared to the intelligent reader interested in politics, news, business, arts, and media is featured on this site with a discount savings of 67% for a years subscription.  Browse around the site you are sure to find some old favorites and perhaps some new favorites to boot.

The Literary online giant is another wonderful place to find discount magazines. made its debut in 1995 online as a bookstore and later branched out into other merchandise such as electronics, toys, food and so much more. At you can get your favourite magazines at a discount. boasts a selection of over 90,000 magazines newspapers, and you can get a discount from $5.00 off, and to up to 80% discount on bestsellers,

Browse through the wonderful selections to make your choices and do take your time, you want to the best that can offer.  For example, Marie Clair runs for $42.00 a subscription but you can get it for $8.00 – a whooping $32.00 savings currently on, and Good housekeeping is regularly $30.00 a subscription but you can now have it for $10.00 which translates to a $20.00 saving.

These discount magazines are amazing. Some of the magazines are going as far as offering free gifts. Currently Vogue is giving away a free red tote bag when you subscribe to Vogue.

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