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Digital Knowledge on Hardcopy Computer Magazines

The world of Information Technology weaves through daily business functions such as database queries, enabling water treatment plants to filter household chemicals from fresh drinking water and with assisting air traffic controllers in guiding thousands of aircraft around the world every day.  These intricate pieces of day-to-day life are documented and detailed in many of the computer magazines circulated today.  Computer magazines cover many topics on many different subject types.

Green Technologies are changing every moment as technology advances and grows to meet our needs.  Computer magazines feature in detail solar energy options that have transformed into practical devices.  The solar devices started as massive banks of panels that had to be pointed toward the sun to capture enough energy to be of use.  The panels are now rigid thin film modules that can be used for nearly every application from flat to rounded surfaces.  The film panels can be formed to capture as much energy as possible without physical movement.  As this technology changes, the top computer magazines will assist in keeping everyone informed.

Computer gaming started as two blocks bouncing a pixel ball back and forth on a small green computer screen.  The gaming industry has now grown into a $10.7 billion a year industry.  Computer magazines give industry insight on what games the new developers are planning and when to expect the latest releases.  Games cover every niche and interest imaginable from sports to war themes to online worlds where the players build characters and live in the fantasy worlds as one would in real life.  Tricks and tips are available for all of these games in computer magazines available today.

From sound cards to graphics cards to flash card readers keeping up with the latest computer hardware can be overwhelming.  Computer magazines cover the ins and outs of the latest hardware so we are always in the know.  Graphics cards, which were first used in the early 1960s, functioned simply to show an image on the computer screen as apposed to printing.  Today the graphics cards consist of its own processor (GPU) which output high resolution to assist in providing stunning real life graphics in gaming, accurate colors in photography as well as crisp images in streaming video.

Have a photo that you want to edit?  Need to update a resume?  Millions of software titles are available to handle these tasks as well as nearly any other you can think of.  Software can assist with organizing data, creating artwork, composing music, even writing articles.  To narrow down which software fits the task, computer magazines offer advice and opinions on which titles are new and work best for the job.

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