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Current Computer Magazines and their Award Winning Ways

Computer magazines of today assist the computer world in staying up-to-date and on top of the new technologies.  Changes in technology can set a competing company behind in the battle if they do not stay on top of the changes.  Current computer magazines, specifically the award winning magazines, offer detailed up-to-date articles on hot new topics ranging from computer-based systems in vehicles to efficient manufacturing that allows for lower budget computer purchases.  A new advancement in technology that homeowners will begin to take advantage of is home controls through specific software and hardware that monitor your home systems from heating to lighting.

Computers are no longer large boxes that sit on the floor.  They are compact, mobile and now can be installed in our vehicles.  The computer hardware and software that can be installed in cars for example gives the owner the ability to store digital media in the car, full navigation, and the ability to browse the Internet all from behind the wheel.  This technology connects the driver to the world and allows them to find a specific destination, listen to live weather and traffic details on demand and even have their full music library at their fingertips.  The updates to this new technology can be read about in current award winning computer magazines.

Technological advancements in alternative energy systems have made it possible for the everyday homeowner to pursue solar and wind energy sources.  Pre built kits are available for setting up solar arrays on our rooftops that will capture the suns energy for use in powering our home.  The solar arrays are now user-friendly and can fit any application whether it’s a flat roof, or curved surface.  Wind generators have also evolved to fit the needs of homeowners.  They are no long large windmills.  The wind generators of today can be small spiral devices that spin, collect, and then store energy for our use.  Computer magazines that are current contain award-winning articles on alternative energy and how it can be used at home today.

As homeowners look for opportunities to cut back on energy consumption they are looking towards home automation systems.  New software and hardware can be used to monitor your home environmental controls from both home and away.  These new devices can be researched in the award winning magazines that contain current articles to keep users up-to-date.   You are able to adjust your home temperature via the Internet to keep from over heating or cooling while you are away.  The home automation system also allows you to control lighting that can be adjusted to cut back on consumption whether at home or from your desk at work.

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