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Cleaning Businesses Rely On Trade Magazines When Times Get Tight

People hire cleaning services for different reasons. Some people don’t want to deal with the hassle. Other employers manage large businesses, and doing the job themselves simply isn’t feasible.

Many cleaning business trade magazines instruct business owners in the finer points of technological breakthroughs, and more efficient cleaning chemicals. What most people don’t think about are economics, and the havoc that a turbulent market can play with cleaning businesses.

When times get tight, many cleaning business trade magazines provide readers with tips to survive. And surviving can be surprisingly simple.

A Needless Luxury

Oftentimes people hire cleaning services because it’s a task they’d rather not do themselves. This is more evident on smaller-scale cleaning efforts, such as personal homes. Cleaning business trade magazines often give advice on hitting these smaller markets, as they’re often the bread and butter for many cleaning businesses. But they also acknowledge when these markets can dry up and put businesses in a bind.

There’s a trick to keeping these markets alive. Many cleaning business trade magazines encourage you to develop a closer bond with these clients. After all, they trust you enough to let you into their homes. Keep their contact information handy, and send postcards letting them know that your services are still in working order.

Now might also be a better time to consider sales and discounts in order to keep these businesses. In the short run, you lose money. However, your chances of keeping them as paying clients are much higher when the economy bounces back.

Also a Cheap Alternative

At the same time, larger businesses suffering an economic downturn usually cut staff at the bottom. Unfortunately the company cleaning service is one of the first to go leaving them with services that need to be taken care of in another manner.

This is where cleaning businesses could benefit from economic downturn. Having a full-time staff means that companies have to pay regular salaries, medical benefits and worker’s compensation. Managers must be hired to oversee the custodial staff, and the relatively high rate of turnover in the custodial business can cause a great inconvenience.

Hiring an outside cleaning company can sidestep many of these problems. Companies can merely sign a contract with the cleaning businesses, then sit back and go about their business. Cleaning businesses are paid for the job and the job alone.

As a result, major companies can save money by hiring their cleaning services out to third parties. Cleaning business trade magazines have argued that cleaning companies should position themselves to take advantage of this fact. Break the sales pitch down into a matter of numbers, and make your case. When the economy is tight, every cent counts.

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