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Classy Classic Car Magazines

There is nothing as exciting as a classic car exhibition or car show, with some of the most beautiful and luxurious cars to be seen. Classic car magazines offer outstanding photographs of these world-wide shows, including classic cars for sale and articles on some of the top winners.

In July of every year, “Cruise Night” in Kearney, Nebraska, is the classic car highlight of Central USA with BBQs, organized events, and streets lined up through the main part of the city with lawn chairs, beer, pop, and people of all ages to watch this city-wide celebration. Events such as this are listed in classic car magazines to inform the entire world of such events, with many traveling both short and long distances to participate and win prizes—and of course to have lots of fun!

Classic cars are gorgeous—all types and kinds—loaded with the extras which make it a classic winner. They can be expensive and classy, or they can be affordable and still a winner. Quality accessories or auto parts are put into the vehicle of all price ranges, with the classic car magazines offering many ideas and loaded photographs to simply drool over.

Some of the custom classic car accessories in the classic car magazines are the Sherwood Dash Thirty-four Piece Dash Kits to change the looks to the classic wooden look of the dashboard. Of course, if money is absolutely no object the Laurance Gartel Signature Series Dash Art can be added, offering a quality and unique look to the classic vehicle’s dashboard. These are just a couple of ideas which can be “borrowed” from the magazines to add a certain look to the consumer’s classic vehicle.

Dashboards are just one area which can be modified, with multi-faced radios containing color digital display with the Sirius Satellite Radio technology, running into the dollars but worth every penny of it. The classic car magazines offer tons of ideas and reviews on certain products and kits over others. Looking sleek and shiny can eliminate scratches with a Vertical “Lambo” kit for the doors JT Auto Style or adding a “Phantom” Grill to add a power-look with pure elegance.

If a consumer knows what he wants to use for his classic vehicle, ordering through a classic car subscription magazine or through the magazine’s online version can be quite successful.  They can also be installed professionally or can be done “at home” with someone with experience. Everything depends on the individual who owns the classic car, how much money they want to spend, how much experience they have in vehicle modification, and what kind of classic vehicle they own.

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