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Car Magazines Monopolizing on the Male Fascination with Cars

Believe it or not, the first car of sorts was a wind driven Italian vehicle that looked like a windmill with wheels. The machine was called Guido Da Vigevano and it was constructed in the year 1335.  Leonardo Da Vinci designed a model similar to a tricycle.  These were rudimentary crude mobile machines but they were the predecessors of our modern day cars.

Other models were created after and by 1769 the first vehicle capable of moving on its own power was created by M. Brezin, you can find a replica of this vehicle in the Smithsonian Institute.

Let’s us now fast forward to modern times.  Vehicles for road use were fashioned after the steamroller in the 1800’s and by 1893 the first gasoline powered vehicles were ready for American city streets.

The fascination of men and cars has been a century old tradition. Men have loved their cars since the first days that they appeared on town and city roads.

We remember with fondest the cars of the turn of the 20th century.  The famed Model T, by the Ford Motor Company was the height of high society living 1908 – 1927.  It was then that the car captured the hearts and minds of American men and it has never ceased since.  Men around the world love their cars and the car magazines are well aware of it.

Car magazines and articles have been around since the Model T and other cars of that era as well. In 1908, The American Review of Reviews, published an article on Cars Vs Horses, and The Literary Digest published an article on the Social Value of the Car in 1910.  Harper’s Bazaar, featured an article on The Town Cars of 1922.

The Literary Digest’s article raised a good point back then and car magazines still make the point today; the car is wrapped around the social values of any generation.  Pictures of men and the fast fancy cars, shows a certain status in society.  The more expensive the car the more money that man makes.  The more expense the car the more women that man will attract.  The more sporty and fast the car is the more daring and adventurous the man is.

Car magazines are aware of the social status related to owning just the right car and they exploit it.

However besides the glamour and prestige of having just the right car, men are also interesting in the mechanics of a car, how to fix their own cars, where to buy new and used cars, and the latest technology including new solar hybrids.

Car magazines are designed to provide the badly needed answers to all of these questions and more.

You can find a listing of the top 20 car magazines at

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