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Car Custom Magazines

It is impossible to fully appreciate the custom made car unless pictures are seen in car custom magazines or they are seen in real life. Better yet is to own one. Custom designing a car can be done in many ways—adding custom rims, racing wheels, racing rims, adding decals, magnetic signs, and design templates. The best thing to do is to look at car custom magazines for unique ideas and looking at the final products before designing the sports car or family station wagon.

With the custom-designed hot rods of the world heavy with power and performance, they have been known throughout history as a unique piece of machinery which made its way from the Depression. With very little in their pockets or at home, young individuals were eager to tinker with what they could find to not only take their mind of the era but also to utilize what they had. Out of this came the “soup-ups” or “gow jobs” in the 1940s—the forerunners of the customized hot rods of today—and a rash of car custom magazines for the world to enjoy.

During a time when steelworkers were luck to work one day a month, time was usually spent on looking for work and payrolls one-fourth of what it used to be.  And tinkering with car parts was not for fun, but to make theld truck or jalopy last a couple miles more to move the family to more prosperous areas. Out of pure necessity, these individuals from the Great Depression could make something out of nothing—such as the original “soup ups” or “gow jobs” that  we know today as customized vehicles.

One of the many quality car custom magazines that is also online is the CAR CRAFT MAGAZINE, with articles on featured cars, technology, articles on how-to the latest restorations, top stories and featured articles, plus the latest videos. What is really exciting is the feature “Vehicle Owner Show-Off” with custom cars such as a 1967 Chevrolet Malibu, a 1975 Chevrolet Nova, or a 1983 Ford Mustang II.

Many aspects of the car custom magazines include car forums which are excellent in helping one another or to find out some specific information about restoring vehicles. Another fun topic in most of the car custom magazines is the area called “Car Events” which include drag strip racing & hangouts for the streets, auto news of cruises to car shows for these beautiful personally designed muscle cars.  Summer national shows are listed for those who vehicles are finished and ready to rock n’ roll to fame.

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