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Buying Discount Magazines From Canada: Entering the International Market

It is probably one of the clearest benefits of the World Wide Web.  It is the ability to buy and sell goods and services all over the world in the blink of an eye that still boggles the mind.  Commerce is flowing across cyberspace and the creative minds of thousands of internet marketers and web entrepreneurs have yield extraordinary results.  Think of eBay and Amazon, and the countless merchant sites operating today.  Does it come as any surprise to speak of buying discount magazines from Canada?

For those who are web savvy, the answer is obviously no.  International commerce is going strong twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  At the click of a mouse, you can access sites that sell discount magazines from Canada.  For the sports and fitness minded reader, popular titles like The Hockey News and Maximum Fitness may be easy picks for subscription lists.  Then again, if the domestic atmosphere of the Canadian people and culture is more interesting, then you may want to go with Canadian Living or Style At Home.

How big is the Canadian market for discount magazines?  In Canada, there are thousands of comparable titles on every conceivable subject matter or topic of interest.  In this, they are no different from any other country.  With the common language shared between the US and Canada, it is not surprising that many Canadians are buying US magazines at a discount and US residents are buying Canadian discount magazines as well.  There are many common markets and areas of concentrated interest.  This is reflected in the popular genres of discount magazines.  In Canada, sports magazines rank high just as they do in the United States as do health/beauty magazines and travel magazines.

These observations are not meant to be comprehensive but rather they are intended to highlight some of the common threads that exist between the United States and Canada as far as their magazine markets entail.  Certainly, you could look at other discount magazines from Canada like those marketed to teens and children and see corresponding titles.  You can see that with so many publications available, there should be not shortage of intriguing writing and interesting information.

While the internet had done much to change how magazines and even books are appreciated or valued in the world, it is nice to see that you both can be successfully marketed and sold on the web.  There does not look to be reduction in the numbers of discount magazine subscription services out there.  The people who enjoy the look and feel of printed paper will always have a place to get the magazines they want.

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