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Business Magazines That Bring the World Together

Business Magazines are published for the purpose of reporting business news to the world or local communities in which they operate.  The magazines will often select articles that do not usually make newspaper editions.  Business Magazines have the afforded space to do so.

We cannot talk about business magazines without discussing the famed Forbes Magazine. A Scottish born man by the name of B.C. Forbes, had the idea to publish his business magazine in 1917.  The idea blossomed into an American business magazine giant that dominated an entire century.  In each publication Forbes Magazine includes at least sixty articles in everything about business, from the CEO’s that run major companies to the actual running of the companies, and the impact on the business world.  Forbes reports on local business news, international business, business taxes, industry news, finance, law, entrepreneurships, investments, communications, marketing and technology to its over 5 million readers, in seven different languages.

A slightly conservative pro business magazine, Forbes is truly the cream of the crop of business magazines. Readers tune in yearly for the Forbes publication on of the list of richest companies in the world and the richest people in the world.  Getting your name in Forbes Magazine is truly an entrepreneurial dream.

Not to be outdone by the great Forbes Magazine is the other world name publication, Founded in 1934, Fortune Magazine ranks in the top business magazines in the USA today. This magazine too is famous for its famous Fortune 500 list, publishing the top 500 companies annually.

Businessweek, the third competitor in the list of top business magazines, headquartered in New York City was founded in 1929.  Newsweek goes beyond the list of top companies or top financial wizards to the list of top Master of Business Administration (MBA) Graduate Programs in the country.  Before there are great CEO’s and administrators there are great Schools of Business to train them.

The famed Wall Street Journal, international financial newspaper put out by News Corporation through the Dow Jones Company on Wall Street, the financial district in New York City, has started a magazine in 2007, intended to be delivered to its 2,069,463 or so subscribers. The first issue of the Wall Street Journal Magazine was just launched in September 2008, with a readership of 960,000 from subscriptions and newsstand issues combined. This new magazine is hailed in as one of the new wave of luxury magazines, or free magazines to its subscribers in an attempt to raise readership.  The first feature cover shows Rumanian model Diana Dondoe clad in a Wall Street Journal newsprint dress!

Business magazines remain important reporters of the financial happenings in the world around us, they bring financial predictions, current trends, the movers and shakers in the industry, top executives and CEO’s, law and tax information, great companies and University Business Programs, Stock Market evaluation, international trade and so much more to its many subscribers. Money makes the world go around and business magazines bring the world together again.

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