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Books and Magazines for Charity

Of all of the gifts humanity has, one of the most important and special has to be literacy.  The ability to read and share ideas and information with one another through written language is really amazing when it’s broken down into its purest form.  Many of us take that gift for granted.  While it is uncommon in this country, many people still don’t know how to read even the simplest of books and magazines.  There are places in every country in the world where an inadequate supply of textbooks and regular books is making it difficult to teach young people properly.  Fortunately, there are many different avenues a person or group can take to help out with literacy programs and book shortages in their own community or in the world.

Let’s stay close to home for a moment.  Especially if you live near a large city where poverty is common, you can bet there are both schools and adult education centers in need of books and magazines to aid their efforts.  As a concerned person, you have several options open to you to help out.  In the event that you are part of a charity or organized group, a book drive is an incredible way to gather reading materials for your chosen organization.  People can clear out books they no longer use.  It’s also a good idea to offer a way to donate a magazine subscription to the cause as well.  Up to date periodicals are a great resource for keeping new readers interested in reading.

Another option for getting books and magazines to those who need them most is to donate books to your local library.  Residents from every walk of life tend to spend at least a little bit of time in the library.  Unlike in the schools and adult education programs, libraries often are in need of books on every subject.  Due to book loss from people not returning their books or damaged books, it can be hard to keep the shelves stocked.  Both non fiction and fiction books in good condition are usually welcome in any library.  Once again, magazines are usually outdated before you could donate them.  A monetary donation can help with periodicals.

On the global front, getting books and magazines where they are needed is simply a matter of organization and bit of drive.  There are plenty of reputable charities based in the U.S. that work towards literacy throughout the world.  Contact one of them for information on the best ways to help.  Some prefer to have the books and magazines donated, while others find it easier to take money and purchase what is needed themselves.

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