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Body Art Magazines And E-Zines Allow You To Show Your True Colors

Even though body art has been around for centuries, it has become increasingly popular for the entire world to participate.  Body art magazines and e-zines give the average person an opportunity to share their creativity with professional body artists and those who may be interested in joining the ranks of the painted body.

Ancient tribes and cultures used different forms of body markings to show their pride, religious rites, and tribal standings.  Today some people use tattoos and piercing to show their heritage, their inner passions, expressions of events that have occurred, or some may do it just because they like the look of it all.  Whatever the reason, there seems to be a sort of craze for body art.  Magazines and E-Zines have increased in numbers to keep up with the information demand.

Some of the best body art magazines and e-zines to check out would include:

• Skin & Ink – There may not be a lot of pictures to check out but it is chock full of information.  There are articles that feature different tattoo artists, upcoming conventions, and the latest updates in procedures.   • Tattoo Flash – This has all pictures and no advertisements.  You can review the beautiful designs of different artists in full color.

• International Tattoo Art – This magazine is printed in the United States, but gives the reader aspects of what is going on around the world.  It offers a worldwide view of what body artists from other countries are bringing forth to this newly recognized art form.

• – Full of articles, forums, links, and more for body art.  There are sections for tattoos, body piercing, and other forms of body modifications.  Certain graphic areas can only be accessed with a membership.

• – This has the meat of the tattoo world.  This page doesn’t offer a lot of flash but a lot of information.  You can find out how to find a good tat shop, application and aftercare, disease concerns, removal of tats, and common questions that are asked.  You can check out sent in photos from tattoo fans.

Some believe that the body is a walking canvas that is there for the world to witness while others may have a tattoo or piercing but keep it more personal.  Whatever the preference there are more possibilities then ever for varieties of color and designs.   Body art magazines and e-zines can be great tools for those in the business, body art enthusiasts, and those who are just curious.  Many artists use these body art magazines and e-zines to get the word out about their craft.  Many of the regular body art magazines are available to preview online before you opt for a subscription while body art e-zines can be a great way to capture the strictly online audience.

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