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Available at A Discount: Beauty Magazines Top Picks

With millions of women buying fashion and beauty magazines every week, it is no surprise that they make up a majority of the magazine sales in the entire country.  With so many avid readers and so many titles to choose from, trying to find affordable discount beauty magazines that fit particular interests and viewpoints.  (That’ right viewpoints.  The average beauty magazine is far more than a collection of the latest makeup and fashion tips and trends.  It is a sounding board for women living particular lifestyles.)

If you are interested in buying discount beauty magazines on an individual or full subscription basis, what are the top picks?

Below are five top selling magazines available at a discount, the beauty magazines that define the industry.  Each one offers a unique theme or set of viewpoints for different types of women.  All are generally offered by online outlets at discount prices.

Allure Magazine – This is one of the most popular magazines.  Each issue is filled with plenty of tips, tricks, and secrets of the professionals as well as celebrity tips.  Beauty and style guru Kevin Aucoin writes a regular column for Allure.  The editors list their favorite new products and explain what new styles will work for the individual woman.  (It is not uncommon to save more than half the normal cost of a subscription for Allure; a nearly 60% discount for beauty magazines is possible with some vendors.)

Cosmopolitan – With a reputation as the single largest selling publication geared toward the young 20-30 something woman, Cosmopolitan can be found at every grocery store checkout and, of course, in all of the newsstands.  With its upbeat style and singular focus on the career-oriented woman, Cosmo has plenty of reasons for it success.  It also helps that the magazine deals with the relationships between the sexes in a sensitive and candid manner.  It is very popular seller among discount beauty magazine outlets.

Elle Magazine – Next is Elle, a publication that reveals the culture of the high society woman with features that focus on high style and runway trends.  It a very broad-minded magazine feature international as well as domestic trends in beauty and fashion.  For sale worldwide, Elle is available with other discount beauty magazines at a fraction of the regular subscription cost.  You may be able to save almost 70%!

Glamour Magazine – A magazine rife with some of the best hair and beauty tips, as well as fashions do’s and don’ts.  You will find info about health and diet trends, questions about relationships and sex, and of course the latest horoscopes.  This publication has a wide appeal among women of various backgrounds though younger 20-somethings may be the most marketable demographic.

Vogue Magazine – Vogue is the voice of the popular culture.  This magazine features articles about the latest news and trends of popular culture, fashion, s well as entertainment.  As one of the top pick discount beauty magazines, Vogue offers a slew of tips and suggestions on makeup hair, exercise, health, and relationships.

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