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Automobile Magazines, Car Performances

A lot of magazines, car or automobile preferences, involves the results of many types of road testing and studies for reviewing of the latest cars and trucks on the market. And depending on the many types of magazines–car or even truck vehicles–these results will involve the very latest types of reviews or the latest developing news about that particular type of vehicle. This article or entire magazine will provide to the consumer and car enthusiasts what that particular vehicle subject is all about, what is the latest advantages going on with it or problems it has been reported as having, and what kind of performance is involved with it.

There are hundreds of types of magazines about cars and trucks, making the choice difficult. The majority involves the traditional enthusiast magazines, car or any other type of automobile, which is quite different from those which provide the results of road tests and comparing the vehicles themselves.  A good magazine, car focus specifically, should provide enough information to the prospective car owner for them to feel what it would actually be like to own the vehicle—how does the vehicle work on the road, how does it work with a large family and the pet dog, how is it on gas mileage, is it efficient and performs highly on long emergency road trips, and is it roomy yet will veer off the main interstate ramp quickly if needed?

Looks are always important, especially the first look of the vehicle as most consumers will buy upon their first impressions and then research the performance unless they know a little something about it anyway. The design, colors, extras provided, and overall first impression highly influences the new consumer on whether or not to buy the new car on the lot—or wait until another model is brought out or choose another type of car entirely. But the look of the car is not what makes it run well nor provides adequate top-notch performance.

Another present-day issue that is becoming highly important in magazines, car concerns as a focus, is how the vehicle effects the environment.  The magazine of choice should look at fuel economy and emissions to see what the car is made of internally. Most performance basics listed in the magazines—care acceleration, car braking, and how to handle parameters—do not involve driving to the neighborhood mall or going to Grandma’s on Sunday, which involve a 0 to 60 mpg acceleration when passing another vehicle or merging into traffic.

As part of the green magazines, car solutions for global warming and environmental issues, the “ROAD & TRAVEL Magazine” offers the 2006 Green Vehicle Buyer’s Guide, an important publication launching as part of the Green Vehicle Project in order to clean up most cities’ air pollution problems. Another excellent green magazine by Auto Trader Publishing is “Green Car Magazine” which focuses on vehicles that get 30 miles per gallon or more. Claims by Auto Trader say that they are the first publication to focus only on fuel-efficient vehicles.

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