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Asian Fashion Magazines Emphasis the Importance of Marriage and Home

A perusal of the Internet will demonstrate how Asian Fashion magazines are very much in vogue. Dominating the Asian fashion magazines are the fabulous life and careers of the Indian runway models, being some of the most beautiful women this world has ever seen.  Many of these famous models have since launched careers in the Indian motion picture industry known as Bollywood.

However the fashion and the glamour do not end there, Pakistani fashion magazines have made international fame as well. Both countries have contributed greatly in bringing fashion trend setting to both the average woman to the Queen of Asian glamour.  Furthermore, Asian fashion magazines have broken the East West barrier and are now very prominent upon the International scene.

Asian Woman website,, offers a host of Asian magazines to choose from such as strictly Asian fashion magazines, such as Asian Fashion, Asian Woman, and Asian Bride, It also reveals the fashion of the Asian Home.  This website will point to the largest Asian publications.  There is also Asian Groom & Man magazine.

Asian Bride is dedicated to one of the most fundamental principals of Asian life and culture.  The Asian bride prepares for the most important day of her life, in serenity grace and style.  This publication started out as the Asian Woman and Bride and gained such notoriety that it was later split into to two separate publications, Asian woman and Asian bride.  The fashion demanding culture of the East absorbed these publications with such vim and vigor that the need for specialized titles on different aspects of Asian life was born. Asian Woman and Asian Bride have worldwide distribution including distribution in countries such as India, Pakistan, eastern Asia, Dubai, Canada, USA, and the continent of Europe.

Asian Home and Style brings the latest in fashional home design to the discriminating Asian home.  Like the Asian marriage is most sacred, so is the home that the bride and groom will make together.  Asian Home and Style will bring the latest in furnishings and décor, and tips on to make your home comfortable and serene, and more.  A popular trend in Asian homes today is the blending of Eastern and western cultural design. Asian Home and Style will introduce the Easterner to this new vogue and illustrate some beautiful fashionable home combinations.   Asian fashion magazines realize the important of including the male’s need for a fashion magazine.  Asian Groom & man appeals to the male who is fashioned conscious.  Issues of dress, hairstyles and accessories, and advice on relationships are addressed between the covers of this fine magazine.

Asian fashion magazines bring the west to the east and just importantly the east to the west.  Eastern and Western cultures no longer need to be separated but can now blend into a single fashion tapestry of the world.

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