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Asian Business Magazines: Helping To Unlock The Secrets

Anyone who is in the business world knows and understands the importance of the Asian market.  They seem to have the edge of success when it comes to different business, like manufacturing and technology.  How can you stay fresh with what is going on?  Well, picking up one of the many available Asian business magazines is a good start.

You can do a search and find many articles that may cover certain topics in the Asian business world, or go straight to some of the leading resources:

• Asian Business Strategy News – This is also available for viewing and subscribing at Their articles, features, commentaries, and columns are based on different business and management aspects in Asia.  They are written by people in China, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, The United States, and more.  Their Business News Portal has daily business strategic views of Asian news and trends.  The Research Center allows you to access and resource articles and papers that relate to Asian business; for example they are on subjects like globalization, economics, international business, marketing, and management.

• Asian Dragon Magazine – You can find this colorful Asian business magazine in many bookstores.  It is the first bilingual magazine based in the Philippines.   There are profiles on business men and women, health and beauty tips, Q & A pieces with business leaders from around the world, and other substantial articles.

• Orient Magazine – This Asian business magazine is also available for preview at their website and there you can sign up to subscribe to this one of a kind periodical.  It is printed and distributed from The United States.  Its aim is to build bridges of understanding and open doors of opportunity in the Asian and American business world.  It is distributed to 49 states and directed to cities with large communities of Asians and Asian/American businesses and families.  You can read interviews from successful Asian business owners that found the key to the “American Dream”; read how they did it.  There are also articles on Americans that have made great strides in blending these two cultures.  Check out their travel section to find a new destination for your next vacation or find a great new place to dine.  This Asian business magazine will help people deal with overseas phone bills and help to keep business owners up to speed with business opportunities.

The Asian market is a great market to do business in and it is a very important market to keep tabs on.  Reading one of many Asian business magazines will help you to do just that and more.

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