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Asian Art Magazines: Aesthetically Pleasing to the Eye and Soul

Art history is not new in the Asian world.  Certain art forms date back hundreds of centuries ago and this history, the present, and the hopeful future is documented in the variety of Asian art magazines that are available.

Just A Few Examples

There are so many wonderful Asian art magazines that one could choose from and each is a little different from the next.  Art Asia Pacific is an example of one of many Asian art magazines that you could pick up.  They are quoted in stating that they are “today’s art from tomorrow’s world” and any reader can get that feeling when they read articles with news like:

• Artful reporting on the 2008 Summer Olympics, in Beijing; paying close attention to the opening and closing ceremonies and while mentioning that there would be several outstanding exhibits as a result.

• Features that detail all the new art shows or theatrical performances; giving the reader the “in” on the who, the what, the where, and the when.

• Expose articles on Asian artists from around the world.  Artists like:  photographer Daido Moriyama from Japan, Liang Yuanwei with a first art show in Beijing; entitled, “A Piece of Life”.  Or how about Laleh Khorramein of New York?  Reader of this Asian art magazine can read about this artists unique art form of carefully painted designs onto glass that are then delicately transferred onto non-porous paper to create monoprints.

Clearly that is just a taste of what you could get from that incredible magazine.  Asian art is also beautifully depicted in the magazine Orientations.  This publication is targeted at collectors and connoisseurs of Asian art.  Magazines like this offer news, such as:

• An extensive exhibit calendar with a comprehensive list of museums, dealer exhibits, fairs, and seminars.

• Information of many and varied aspects of arts of Eastern Asia, Indian Subcontinent, and Southeast Asia.

• Illustrated articles on ancient arts

• Invaluable insights into the International Asian Art market, which analyzes activities at major auctions in places like:  London, New York, Hong Kong, Beijing, and many others.

This is just another example of the many Asian art magazines that are vital tools to those who appreciate and deal with the Asian art world.  One final example of possible publications relating to Asian art would be the Asian Art News.  Appropriately named, they offer news like:

• Zhuang Yanjun’s, “Wa Nationality No.1” and Shi Yanqing’s, “Bridge” were selected pieces for the 7th Kochi International Triennial Exhibition of Prints, Japan, in 2008.

• Zhu Rui’s woodblock print, “Impression of Dongchuan No. 2” was admitted at the Beijing International Print Biennial.

Asian art magazines are a wonderful peek into an ancient culture and into the arts and artists that beautifully depict it.

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