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Art Magazines Online: A Creative Way to Capture An Audience

Just about everyone knows that the Internet is a great way to find the answers to your questions and quandaries in a timely manner.  However, did you ever think you could explore a virtual world?  The art world is a multi-faceted world that changes with each culture and time, but it can be experienced by a touch of a button by viewing art magazines online.

By accessing art magazines online, you can tap into other cultures and countries to get a taste of their artists and mediums.  There are websites that can link you to just about any publication.  You are able to choose a country, a subject matter or topic of interest (such as art or photography), and magazines pertaining to that choice will pop up.  Click on those art magazines online and you are able to review certain art pieces, read articles on featured artists, check out the latest gallery viewings a world away, see who is auctioning which pieces or what a piece may have sold for.  The links available are endless.  You may have started with a contemporary art magazine online from the United States and with a few link jumps you have now entered ancient art forms, in China.

The list of art magazines online is as endless as the information that can be accessed, but a few that you could check out are:

• Art Voices – A magazine for all those who are art, this embodies the struggle of the artist, informs collectors, and educates the public.  They are then able to start processing the theories and ethics of the nature of art.

• Malibu Arts Journal – This art magazine online focuses on the culture and art of the Malibu area.  The brilliant photos and art critic journals will captivate you.

• The Artist’s Magazine – You can view a slideshow of featured artists and then find out more about each of them.  Check out the list of competitions or exhibits and link to others.  You can even read articles that offer step-by-step instructions on sketching with colored pencils or view a demo with artists like Stacy Barter.

• Paint Works – This art magazine online targets those interested in decorative painting.  This is user friendly for those who consider themselves professional or novices of this popular art form.  There are new project ideas listed that are inspired by nature, seasons, holidays, or countries such as Tuscany.  Read one of the many features that will guide you through brush stroke techniques, still life studies, or working with colors.

It seems like if you can think of an art form then there are possibly corresponding art magazines.  Online access can only expand those possibilities for those studying art, who work in the art field, and those who just enjoy it as a hobby.

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