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Are Free Magazines Good Magazines?

A quick Google search for free magazines will reveal an array of websites promoting subscriptions to these publications. With the continuing expanding dominance of the World Wide Web’s influence, and free content associated with it, also comes the advertising techniques which have embraced the platform. Free magazines are prime examples of this. By offering the worldwide audience free articles and content, a medium by which advertising can reach a targeted audience is created.

This should not deter potential readers. As with most things which come for free, quality should be checked before taking anything written as gospel. Free magazines can however, provide reading material on just about any topic – from wedding planning to automotive care. Whether you’re looking for some light reading to absorb on the way to work, or informative non-fiction to help detangle some of life’s most complicated issues, there’s perhaps a free magazine to suit.

“Free magazines” is a generic term – the magazines themselves can come in either the form of traditional paper-based copies, or electronic e-zines, depending on the publisher and magazine itself.

But why purchase free magazines over traditional paid, paper based ones available at your newsagent? Let’s have a look at the pros and cons, so you can make the decision yourself.

The Pros

• They’re free! What better reason to try something? At the end of the day you’re no richer or poorer than you were when you started – the only thing spent is your time reading.

• Widely available. There’s a range of vendors on the web, with material sourced from all over the world. E-zines can even be delivered directly to your inbox.

• Array of subjects. Just like at the newsagent, free magazines come based on just about every topic and interest imaginable.

The Cons

• Advertising. The saying that nothing in life comes for free may be true – free magazines contain links and advertising which may deter some people. This advertising, and the revenue generated through it is how these publications can afford to exist.

• Quality. Given that these magazines essentially come for nothing, quality can sometimes be an issue. Writers are sometimes low-paid and as a result, content can suffer. Keep a look out for magazines with regular high quality, informative articles, and hang onto them!

Overall, free magazines have the potential to provide the same content and information you’re used to reading in regular magazines. The biggest difference is they’re generally funded slightly differently behind the scenes, and as a result, contain a little more advertising. If you’re prepared to see past these adverts, free magazines could be of benefit.

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