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Adult Magazines Continue to Victimize Women

Women’s groups across North America have fought long and hard against the continual bombardment of nudity and sexual exploitation of women in adult magazines. Western societies portray women in the media as sex goddesses and even the women themselves such as Britney Spears and Madonna have added to this unflattering view of women.  Semi clad or nude women are photographed and appear in adult magazines as well as other forms of media all the time.  The question remains are these women victims of these sexual media hounds or do they aggravate the situation and profit from such to make a decent living in today’s society?

Are women exploited and made into to sexual objects for the male desires?  Well nobody can deny that.  When men look at these adult magazines, they are certainly not thinking about tomorrow’s day at work, the kids little league game or even their wife no matter how desirable she may be.  They are looking for the sexual fantasy of having these beautiful models.

Women become victims of this craze when they are lured into posing for adult magazines with the promises of stardom, Hollywood, glamour, and big money, when in fact none of these things materialize.  How many would be starlets have posed for these adult magazines hoping to boost their acting careers only to find that though it works for some it does not work for everyone.  It is okay to have a beautiful face and body but unless their goals and aspirations are to become a porn queen staring in adult movies, Hollywood generally requires a little thing called acting talent to go along with the pretty face and body.

Similarly many young aspiring models are lured into the modeling underground industry thinking they are modeling for a reputable company only to find they are victims of smut magazines and their photos appear on the Internet everywhere.  Some of these women think that these pictures will actually enhance their modeling career.  However, the sad truth is that no reputable modeling agency will deal with smut.  The chance of these young women now breaking into a successful modeling career is slim to none existent.

Some of these young women are totally devastated by the experience, they realize often too late that they were duped, lied to, and these photos in adult magazines, and on the Internet will seriously jeopardize their future in many outreaching ways. Some women lose respectability in their social circles, and the communities where they live. These issues can overlap onto the family, creating scandal and ostracizing them as well.  Young women who later in life want to marry and have a family may find that their future husbands may not approve of their past and refuse to marry them.

Furthermore, the past can surface quite easily in high profile jobs. Many a political hopeful has felt the brunt of scandal and dirt when they decide to run for political office on the state and national level. Closer to home at the local level the chances of obtaining such coveted positions as superintendent of schools and more can be seriously jeopardized as well from the a candidates prior nude photos on the Internet and in adult magazines.

Are women victims of sexual exploitation by adult magazines and the media? For the most part, yes they are, even if they think they are going onto the modeling business or other gainful employment of their own free will.  Women have still not fully understood the repercussions of these actions.

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